Brushing your teeth is great for your oral hygiene but even if you’re a brushing champion, it only cleans about 70% of the surface area of the teeth, leaving a lot of build-up in your mouth. What about the remaining 30%? Here are 3 benefits of flossing that can keep your mouth healthy and clean. Dental floss may not seem like a knight in shining armor but it sure does save you from a number of diseases.

Honestly, we all love eating food that’s not exactly right for our teeth and gums. Those who don’t floss carry the remnants and debris of their last meal wedged in the hard-to-reach areas of their teeth. Firstly, it’s pretty gross and secondly, that’s the number one cause of plaque build-up in your mouth. Plaque causes bad breath and cavities. In a news release, American Dental Association (ADA) pronounced flossing “an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums.”

Now that it’s established that flossing plays an integral role in oral hygiene, let’s have a look at the positive effects of flossing on the overall health and well-being. Here are the top 3 benefits of flossing that will surely motivate you to floss more often:

1. Flossing Can Save You from Gum Diseases

Continuous plaque build-up can lead to gum disease called gingivitis. Plaque can also get hard and become tartar and removing it would require a dentist. Since plaque is full of harmful bacteria, your gums can suffer from inflammation. One of the benefits of flossing is that it can save you from aching, bleeding, and swelling gums. Regular flossing enables you to regularly remove the sticky thin film with bacteria and keeps your gums healthy.

2. Flossing Can Reduce the Risk of Cardiac Disease and Diabetes

Surprised? You might be wondering what heart diseases and diabetes have to do with oral health. Flossing decreases the rate of bacteria build-up in your mouth which can lower your glucose levels. High glucose levels can lead to diabetes. It’s possible that you could reduce your blood glucose levels with flossing.

As discussed, no flossing means gingivitis and bacteria. These bacteria enter the bloodstream and cause havoc in your organs. They can even cause blood clots leading to chronic heart diseases and even respiratory illness. Flossing helps you with not only oral health, but it also keeps your heart and respiratory system healthy, and that is just one of the benefits of flossing!

3. Flossing Prevents Bad Breath

Make flossing a permanent habit because flossing can prevent bad breath and ensures that you don’t have to face embarrassment because of it. Dental floss is also now available in a variety of flavors to fit anyone’s preference. Flossing with mint, cinnamon, and bubblegum-flavored floss can undoubtedly make your mouth fragrant. Flossing is a beneficial habit, but there is more you can do to keep your mouth healthy and fresh!

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